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Tone Overview

The tones are how actors scope messages implicitly through the company tree. This allows actors to communicate through messages without ever having to explicitly 'know' each other.

This requires that the company tree is crafted with a specific model in mind.

The following are the tones:

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Sometimes words can only work so well. Visualizing how these tones actually scope messages may help produce a better design overall. The following tree is meant to represent an abitrary company tree. Your tree might differ but the principles still remain the same.

How to use the visualizer

Each node of the tree represents an actor. The gray node is the currently selected actor and represents the actor sending a message. Black nodes represent actors receiving that message. Note that an actor always receives messages that it sends with the exception of whisper. Click on any one of the nodes to change which actor is sending a message.

The default selected tone is say. Click any of the buttons to switch tones. Please read actor:audience for an explanation why the whisper tone doesn't appear here.

Current tone: Say

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