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Dialogue is framework for Lua 5.2 that's an intersection of the Actor Model and an Entity Component System. Dialogue is a framework based strongly in the communication between objects through messages. Benefits from a message-based architecture are robustness, runtime debugging/development, and decoupling as an inherent trait.

Edit on Feb 28th 2017:

This is a dead project but a working one. I meant to finish up the 'tutorial' and the 'getting started' pages but I never did. This was mostly because the project's broad scope is hard for newbies to learn and for me to write about simply. This became apparent when I was writing the tutorial. I learned plenty with this project and do feel it is complete, but it is not something that will see production servers because it isn't at that state. I will probably write an article about this project and why it succeeded and why it failed at some point.

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